“Love Dr. Dubs and his staff. They are amazing with my 3 boys. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Tia P. via Facebook

Billings, MT

“My one year old daughter just had her first dentist appointment. Even though she was stubborn, Dr. Dubs and staff were very patient and loving with her! Wonderful place!”

Katrina P. via Facebook

Billings, MT

“Excellent all around! Friendly staff, friendly environment, they do really good work and go above and beyond to make little ones comfortable, and the bigger kids too. Both my sons had extensive work done and you can't even see the fillings on their front teeth and they no longer have pain!”

Jessica B. via Facebook

Billings, MT

“Fantastic from the second we walked in the door. From the staffs customer service and ability to effectively speak to my child about the process, to the dentist explaining to me the details in depth, to the financing. 100% impressed. They go above and beyond.”

Jennifer E. via Facebook

Billings, MT

“Takes care of my kids needs and never suggests unnecessary services. Staff very caring with great patience to take care of my kids who can be very difficult during procedures.”

Teresa G. via Facebook

Billings, MT

“I have been bringing my children to Teddy Bear Dental, in Billings, for over 8 years. Dr Dubbs not only as performed routine dental check-ups but also put braces and both of our girls. I priced braces in our area and saves 1,000.00 at Teddy Bear Dental.”

Stephanie S. via Facebook

Billings, MT

“Very fun place to be! Love all games Dr.Dubs team plays with the kids and parents. Personally interactive”

Bonnie M. via Facebook

Billings, MT


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